Week 14 Update

I am now 14 weeks pregnant. Bump is getting bigger and I seem to be getting even more tired than what I was before. Last week was quite busy for me with both work and home life. We have finished teaching the students now and it is very close to their assignment deadlines, so they are constantly around asking for help. This is part of my job, however with being so tired recently I have found it hard to concentrate especially after I have seen a few students. I am trying to allow time between seeing the students and give myself plenty of opportunity for a break, however students can just ‘drop in’ so it is difficult at times.

On Saturday just gone, my Sister Nicola  (Bump’s Auntie) had her 18th Birthday.  This was lovely, especially since it was the first time I had since most of my family since we announced that I was expecting. Before I found I was pregnant, I had volunteered to do lots of baking for the birthday party: cupcakes, foccacia  and a strawberry and toffee tart. This was not a problem, however I ended up spending most of Saturday baking so I was quite tired by the time the party came. This effected me on the Sunday too. I had a few jobs to do on Sunday but I was so tired after the week I had that I did not do a thing.

The last three nights have been difficult has I have been having major trouble sleeping. I am either too hot, too cold or just generally uncomfortable. Its driving me bonkers. Counting sheep is not helping either! I have a maternity support pillow so I am going to try that to see if it helps  but if anyone  has any other tips that may help, please let me know.

I will be back soon with hopefully, a lot happier and less tired post.

Good night everyone! 🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


5 responses to “Week 14 Update

  1. 14 weeks was one of the most awful ones. Just back from hospital and being nursed by my mother is one of the things i am trying to forget. And happily, i am!
    Broken nights are awful, especially because basically all you want to do is sleep. I hope the pillow will help you.

  2. I found a pillow helped a lot… 28 weeks now & I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep without it. Good luck!

  3. You’ll get a new lease of life soon I promise, and be full of energy and on a house cleaning and tidying mission in full nesting mode. xxx

  4. You should probably drink more wine – that would help.

  5. It’s definitely all about the pillows. People told me that in the beginning but I didn’t give them a try until way into my third trimester. Silly, really! Hope you start feeling better soon. I think things picked up for me around 16-18 weeks. x

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