Week 16

This week, Bump and I had our second midwife’s appointment so with Stuart in tow, we left work early and went to see our lovely midwife Viv. I got all my blood and urine tests back and everything is normal. Woo Hoo! (I am never normal in anything usually so it was a nice surprise.) Stuart and I also got to hear Bump’s heartbeat which we were not expecting to hear. It was amazing! I nearly burst into tears of happiness but managed to hold it together.

While I was there, I found out about pregnancy yoga classes in my area and will be starting that in about a month or so. I have no more appointments now until I am in week 20, where I have another scan and am meeting the midwife again that week too.

In another news, the cookbook that I did some recipe testing for a while has been released today. It is called ‘Prepped’ and is by Vanessa Kimbell. Bump and I are going to the launch party for it in a couple of weeks time.  I have also had a chat with TJ from Bras 4 Mums and have learnt a great deal about boobs, bras and pregnancy in general. I will be writing my first guest post for her site over the weekend.

This weekend, I have got housework, a small amount of writing, seeing both my nan’s and cooking/filming a video for Sainsbury’s to do. After that, I intend to have a rest as going away with work for a couple of days next week.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend 🙂

PS: Bump and I are now sleeping much better. Thanks to everyone for the advice and support 🙂

PPS: If you would like to see what Bump and I are drinking a lot of at the moment, see my post here.


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