Week 17 and 18: Busy Bee!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Bump and I have been quite busy with work and stuff. I spent most of the last week feeling quite tired again so blogging was not high on my list of priorities unfortunately.Bump and I spent two days in Aylesbury because of work last week and the driving really made us tired. On Saturday, Bump and I went to the Midlands Food Bloggers Meet Up at 99 Station Street and Staffordshire Fine Foods. We had a lovely day, meeting fellow foodies and trying some fantastic Bump friendly food.

Photo by Owen Sims

This weekend is just as busy. Today Bump and I are going to the Prepped cookbook launch with Vanessa Kimbell, who I did some recipe testing for in Northampton. I will be wearing a fantastic dress from Lush Mummy.  Tomorrow, Bump and I am making lots of cakes for a charity fashion at a local school and over the weekend, Bump, Stuart and I are going to London for the weekend. I am sure we will have a fantastic time. Bump and I will be back next week with tales and pictures of our adventures.

Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂


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