Weeks 20-21: Seeing My Baby Again!

Last week, it was my 20 week scan. I had been looking forward to this scan for a while as Bump would look more like a baby, as opposed to peanut on the first scan at 11 weeks. As you can see from the scan picture above, Bump is doing acrobatics already. It is trying to put its toe into its mouth.  I love how you can see facial features. I wonder whose nose it has?

We decided not to find out the gender of Bump as we would like the surprise. We are not that fussed as long as it is happy and healthy. Everything was fine with Bump at the scan except my placenta is bit low so I need another scan at 36 weeks just to make sure it has moved. It is apparently quite common and it should move as my uterus grows with the baby but it is reassuring that they are checking.


2 responses to “Weeks 20-21: Seeing My Baby Again!

  1. I had a growth scan at 36 weeks, and it is even more amazing, you can see the features so clearly.. I could see my little one pulling a face and it was quite surreal as it was a case of, oh theres an actual human being in my stomach! I hope you enjoy your scan and if you can get them to print a picture, hope it all goes well x

  2. lovely scan picture 🙂
    I had the low placenta with my daughter now 3. AT my 36 weeks scan it was just 5cm away from my cervix but the birth was fine 🙂

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