Silent Sunday 11th September 2011


12 responses to “Silent Sunday 11th September 2011

  1. Oh I can smell it from here! Yum.

  2. ooh, now there’s an interesting photo! Is that in your garden or were you visiting somewhere? Love the shot 🙂

  3. oh what a lovely sight!!

  4. Oh yummy, bet the smell was sublime….

  5. Yum! Where are you? (And are there any left?!)

  6. Oh wow, that looks so wonderful!

  7. Wow. Love this, Salivating at the thought

  8. That looks great – are you building one in the garden then?

  9. Hi Jo. My husband is plannings to build one of those ovens in our garden. I wondered if you would be willing to ask your friend if they have any tips or advise about it. Many thanks.

    • If you are on Twitter you can find my friend Tom @loafonline. Just tell him @Jos_Kitchen sent you. If you are not on Twitter search for Loaf Birmingham on google and you will find him that way 🙂

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