The Gallery: Something I am Proud Of

This week’s Gallery theme is ‘Something I am Proud Of’. I did not have to think hard to find a photo or an idea for this theme. It is easy. It is my partner and new father to Thomas, Stuart.

Stuart has stepped up to fatherhood in a way I never thought possible. He was fantastic during my pregnancy, looking after me, doing the housework and he did not complain too much when I turned into really grumpy pregnant lady at the end. Since Thomas has arrived he has coped tremendously well with dirty smelly nappies, night time feeds and baby sick. We have tackled this new challenge well and truly together and I would be completely lost without him. Thank you Stuart 🙂

This is a post for The Gallery and the theme is ‘Something I am Proud Of’


8 responses to “The Gallery: Something I am Proud Of

  1. That is such a gorgeous picture Jo, one that you definitely should be proud of!

  2. aww what a lovely photo and so nice to have that support 🙂

  3. lovely post. i expect he’ll be thrilled when he reads it. hats off to you stuart you sound like a keeper! x

  4. What a beautiful picture – you can feel Daddy’s pride!
    What a wonderful Husband you have.

  5. I love how your son is looking up at his daddy. Gorgeous photo.

  6. He looks like a very proud daddy too – fab pic x

  7. What a lovely photo. Go Daddy! x

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