Please Support Sudocrem’s All Babies Count Campaign

Sudocrem, the UK’s leading nappy rash cream, is delighted to announce a donation of up to £25,000 in total to the NSPCC. Sudocrem is currently supporting ‘All babies count’, an online campaign which will support the NSPCC’s work to prevent the abuse and neglect of babies.

Here’s how you can support All babies count:

  • Sudocrem will donate 50p for each new ‘like’ on Sudocrem’s Facebook page (Visit
  • For every tweet using the #allbabiescount hashtag Sudocrem will donate 25p

This is a campaign that I feel very strongly about, especially with a nearly 7 week old in the house. I know it can be hard being parent. There have been some very tough moments so far and Thomas is not even 2 months old yet. I just do not understand how parents can harm their children. However the NSPCC estimates over 198,000 babies in the UK (one in four) are at high risk because they are born into homes with domestic violence, mental health problems, or drink and drug dependency. These families and especially the children in them need our help. I have taken some money that I was going to use to buy Thomas a Christmas present and have donated to the campaign instead. It would be great if we all did the same but if you cannot, every little bit helps so please tweet and like on Facebook as much as you can. Thank you 🙂

Many thanks to Blog Match for informing me about the campaign


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