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Project 366 – 31/366

The star jump sleeping position!

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Project 366 – 30/366

The polar bear fights back!


I’m still here!

Hello everyone. I am sure you are beginning to think that this is turning into just a Project 366 blog and I have completely lost my blogging mojo.

Well, let me ensure you that this is not the case. I have more blogging mojo at the moment that I have had for a while. However, Thomas is now becoming more alert and very aware as to what is going on in the world and because of this, he is hardly sleeping in the day. Once he has gone to bed at night, we have dinner, an hour in front of the tv and then before you know it, its bedtime. I seem to have no time at all to blog properly how I want to as I am to tired once he has gone to bed.

I am hoping in the next month or so that this will change and I can make more regular appearances apart from posting a picture a day for a year. Next week, Thomas is moving into his own room and I am hoping he will start sleeping through the night soon too.

If you do have any tips to make moving him into his own room easier or to encourage him to sleep through the night, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for keeping on reading Jo’s Nursery. It is much appreciated 🙂

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Project 366 – 29/366

Very yummy chocolate cookies Nom Nom Nom! 🙂


Project 366 – 28/366

Father and son

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Project 366 – 27/366

The chaos that ensured when I hosted an NCT coffee morning today

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Project 366 – 26/366

What are you looking at! 🙂

Sorry I did not post yesterday. I was too tired