Product Review: Hotel Chocolat The Jewellery Box

With my first Mother’s Day coming up this week, I jumped at the chance to try some Mother’s Day chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I received The Jewellery Box  which contains 10 chocolates in the following flavours, pralines in milk and dark chocolate, berry mousse and Billionaire Shortbread. The box also contains a mirror and two compartments and can be reused as a jewellery box afterwards.

On first impressions, I was very impressed with the jewellery box. It was very pretty and well made. I was slightly disappointed when I opened the box though as instead of lovely chocolate looking at me, I had boring brown paper wrapped chocolates instead. Once you opened these packages, you found the beautiful chocolates inside. I can see why they need to seal them up but the idea of a jewellery box in my opinion is for it to hold pretty things in and this when it was first opened did not. I enjoyed the berry mousse chocolates as it was refreshing and zingy. I also liked the Billionaire Shortbread as it was rich and worked perfectly the milk chocolate.

Many thanks to Beth at Jam and Cream PR and Hotel Chocolat for sending me the chocolates to review 🙂


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