Thomas at 8 months

Thomas is now 8 months ago. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Over the last couple of months, Thomas has turned from a baby into a little boy. He is into everything. Whatever we have, he wants it and will do his best to get to it. Thomas is not interested in crawling at the moment and screams whenever you put up on his tummy on the floor, despite he could roll over and get out of the position if he wanted too.

Thomas can walk with support quite well and if stood up next to a sofa, he will cruise up and down it with ease. He can not pull himself up which means we do not have to invest in safety gates just yet. Thomas loves watching and playing with bigger babies and children. He just wants to be off with them having adventures. Thomas eats everything that I put in front of him including cheese and tomato pizza, broad bean, pea and garlic bruschetta and salmon, with mashed potatoes, vegetables and parsley sauce. He is a little foodie, just like his parents.

He still enjoys mummy and baby yoga and tiny talk. He did his first sign of bird a couple of weeks ago. Thomas enjoys listening to music and even doesn’t mind me singing to him! He loves playing in his new ball pit and going to the park to play on the swings. Today he has started to try to clap on his own too.

Thomas, you are a very happy and bright little boy. I cannot wait to see what else you will do over the coming months and years. I am a very proud mummy! 🙂

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