Happy 1st Birthday Thomas (and Country Kids!)

Today is Thomas’ 1st Birthday. I can’t believe how fast a year has gone by. It just seems like 5 minutes ago he was a tiny little baby all cuddled up in my arms. He is now a bright happy inquisitive little boy who enjoys exploring the world.

This weekend is also the 1st birthday of the Country Kids linky run by Fiona at Coombe Mill. Thomas and I have tried to take part in it as many times as we can but work and the British weather have got in the way over the last month or two. However we were determined not to miss this one so with the weather on our side, we have just come back from a trip to the park with Thomas on his new Smart Trike. We both enjoyed our walk, seeing lots of dogs, going on the swings and enjoying the autumn colour. Happy 1st birthday Country Kids. We hope to take part for many years to come 🙂



One response to “Happy 1st Birthday Thomas (and Country Kids!)

  1. Delighted to be sharing Country Kids 1st birthday with Thomas. I have seen him grow from tiny baby in a pushchair to toddler this year and I look forward to seeing all the fun you are going to have together in the coming year. I think that lovely birthday trike might just feature again!

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