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Project 366 – 334/366

Thomas working on Daddy's Blackberry



Project 366 – 333/366

Teething strikes again!!!


Project 366 – 332/366

The floods in Worcester today. The picture in the bottom right is actually the race course. It looks more like a lake at the moment!



Project 366 – 330 & 331/366

Day 330
Good morning from Thomas and I
Day 331
Thomas in his new cruisers looking a bit unsure about them



Project 366 – 310 to 329/366

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We have battled through illness and have just been generally busy for the last few weeks. I have no idea where the time is going at the moment. I cannot believe it is nearly December already. I may not been posting my photos everyday but I have still been taking them. Here are them all to catch us up and today’s in on the bottom too. I volunteered at my local NCT Nearly New Sale today. See you all tomorrow folks!! 🙂








Project 366 – 309/366

My favourite flower


Project 366 – 308/366

Yesterday as it was a nice afternoon, Thomas and I went on the trike and walked to my Nan and Grandad’s. We passed through our local churchyard and looked at all the lovely autumn colours and saw lots of friendly squirrels 🙂