Project 366 – 355 to 364/366

Due to the craziness of the festive season and Thomas getting chicken pox, I am behind in posting my pictures again! Here they all are to catch us up so I can post the last two days of pictures as they should be, on the day they are taken. Thanks everyone for your support as always 🙂





12 responses to “Project 366 – 355 to 364/366

  1. Well done for making it. Love the sprouts and the handprint xmas tree.

  2. Love the Christmas tree, great idea! Hope it was a good Christmas, Happy New Year!

  3. What lovely photos! Love the Christmas tree! Hope the chickenpox were gone in time for Christmas.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love the sprouts!

  5. great shot of the sprouts – I LOVE sprouts!!! Saw the Christmas tree earlier and thought that was a fab idea, well done!

  6. yeeeeeeuch to the sprouts. Chicken pox makes a change from everybody elses norovirus and flu. Love the handprints, another nice keepsake

  7. Lovely festive shots. I really like the handprint Christmas tree 🙂

  8. I really like your handprint Xmas tree that’s so lovely to have and to keep. What a big boy he has become now and so full of energy by the looks of things!
    And sprouts? Lol not my fav veg I must admit
    Happy new year x x

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