Happy New Year 2013 and Thank You!!


Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope you had a good one. We went out to a friends house for a couple of hours but then had to return home due to a very tired Thomas. We celebrated with a bottle of champagne and watching the fireworks instead!

The end of 2012 meant the end of my Project 366 where I tried to take a photo a day and post it on the blog. I succeeded in taking the photos but sometimes struggled to get them on my blog resulting in large back logs. I have decided to do a Project 365 this year too but am going to put all the pictures into one weekly post published on a Saturday night or Sunday morning with a bit of an explanation as to what we got up that week. Thank you for your support last year with Project 366. I really appreciate it. I know this blog basically became a Project 366 blog for long periods and I apologise for that. I intend to write about more interesting stuff and show what we are getting up too, a lot more this year and beyond. Thank you to The Boy And Me for inspiring me to start Project 366 in the first place.

2013 will also hopefully see a few other changes on the blog too. I am hoping to move to self hosted which will mean a few more discreet advertisements and sponsored posts are added to the site. This blog will not become one long advert though. I hate it when blogs put on lots of sponsored posts all in the one go and I will keep this in mind when I accept them as I know how annoying they are for me.

In other news, Thomas moved from the baby room into the toddler room at nursery today and his walking is coming on a treat. I am sure I will be running round after him soon. I am hoping to set up my own business (more details to follow soon) this year too.

Thank you for keeping on reading Jo's Nursery. It is greatly appreciated. I hope you all have a fantastic 2013!!!! 🙂



One response to “Happy New Year 2013 and Thank You!!

  1. Thanks for the mention, and thanks for taking part in the project. It’ll be great to see your little man grow even more this year!

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