Country Kids (W/E 5th January 2013) – Squirrel Spotting!!

Today Thomas, my Dad and I went squirrel spotting in our local church yard. The weather was dry and relatively mild so we took Thomas out on his trike. It took a couple of minutes to find some squirrels. However once we did, this one was pretty obliging and even came up on said hello to Thomas. I am 100% sure Thomas completely understood what a squirrel was. He did enjoy seeing them though. Lets hope the mild weather continues so we can have fun outdoors next week!

I am submitting this post for the Country Kids linky on Coombe Mill blog


7 responses to “Country Kids (W/E 5th January 2013) – Squirrel Spotting!!

  1. What a joy it was to see the sun these past couple of days. Looks like you manage to get right up close to that squirrel too!

  2. How lovely to get so close.

    Over from country Kids x

  3. Looks like Thomas will have a new pal before too long!
    Glad you got to make the most of the break in the weather.

    Over from Country Kids

  4. Ah, it is such fun when animals come so close, Squirrels can be really bold sometimes.

  5. You got really close to the squirrels didn’t you. Was lovely when we went to London as they came really close, whereas here they run away. Visiting from Country kids.

  6. We love to watch the Squirrels that live in our garden


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