My Week That Was (W/E 5th January 2013)

Actually this is 'My First 5 Days of 2013 That Was' due to how the dates have fell. I shall do a normal week next week starting on Sunday and finishing on Saturday.

This is my new weekly feature inspired by Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three who did a linky last year asking bloggers to tell them their week. I never had the chance to take part so this year, I am combining my Project 365 photos into weekly posts with a little bit of explanation as to what we did that day. I hope you like it 🙂

On Tuesday, we did not do much except go shopping to get Thomas some slippers for nursery, as we were all recovering from the festive season.

On Wednesday, Thomas went to nursery and I had some time to myself. I treated myself to the best and the laziest chocolate brownie in the world!!

On Thursday, I had my first day back at work and Thomas went to nursery. When he came back, he was full of energy and had fun riding round on his ride on.

On Friday, before we went to our local NCT coffee morning, Thomas found his Little Singing Alfie bear out after months of not touching himand started playing with him again. Thomas has hardly been able to put him down since. He even gave him a cuddle!!

Today, we went squirrel spotting (see previous post) and Thomas decided to be Mr Independent when having his lunch. He sort of successfully managed to feed himself Little Dish Spaghetti and Meatballs. Thomas was very pleased with himself as you can see from the photos 🙂

See you next week everyone!!



19 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 5th January 2013)

  1. i am doing the same!
    and thanks to you (yes i blame you young lady!!) I may *ahem* bought the ingredients to make that brownie today!! mmmm 🙂
    i LOVE the photo of Thomas hugging Alfie Bear – sooooo cute.
    good luck with the project x

  2. A lovely way to sum up each week. Thomas is so sweet, the photos of him trying to feed himself are my favourites,

  3. I love that bottom photo, absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for joining in again and linking up.

  4. Lovely photos! Love the ride on!! Alfie is a big hit with our boys too… but in tandem is a little wearing!

  5. Aw that brownie looks AMAZING! Must not look at recipe

    My 18m old is also trying to use a spoon often with messy food at the moment! It’s not pretty but so fun to watch!!!

  6. What a gorgeous boy! Excellent pics, I esp love his little chuffed face eating his dinner 😀

  7. I love Wednesday’s photo – I’m off to look at the recipe!!

  8. Thomas slippers for Thomas, brilliant! Love the picture of him cuddling Little Alfie Bear!

  9. Look how happy he is at dinner time


  10. Yay what a happy toddler x

  11. he looks so chuffed with himself, great shots

  12. Beautiful collage of Thomas eating!

  13. Lovely photos and I shall definitely be giving the brownies a go

  14. Aw, he looks like a wee sweety.
    Good luck with the Project 365

  15. Gorgeous photos. That brownie looks delicious.

  16. That brownie looks delicious. Looking forward to seeing more yummy photos of Thomas – he is lush.

  17. someone enjoyed their lunch

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