My Week That Was (W/E 12th January 2013)


On Sunday, we had a well deserved pyjamas day and relaxed around house. I took this photo of Thomas and I using the iPad and am quite pleased with the result.


On Monday, Thomas and I went to baby signing and then went for a walk with the trike to the park and Tesco. I forgot Thomas' gloves and gave him my own. He didn't seem to mind though and enjoyed having long fingers!!!


On Tuesday, it was work/nursery day and when we got home after visiting the in laws I had no energy so broke my meal plan and had a Chinese takeaway instead. The picture is of a Chinese lantern.

On Wednesday, I was able to get out of work and go for a walk into Worcester. The picture above is of the flooded racecourse.

On Thursday, I went to work in the morning, saw my friend's 3 week old twins and then went for a meal and night at the cinema with Stuart. In between, we played with Thomas after nursery and let him have a go with the iPads. He is getting very good at working his apps now.

On Friday, we went to our local NCT coffee morning then Thomas had a sleep. Once he woke up, we spent the rest of the day playing and watching Thomas' walking get even better. I will be chasing after him soon!!

Today, we did some colouring with crayons this morning and then we went and saw Grandad Mick (my dad) this afternoon. We were very impressed when we were drawing as Thomas already knows the word 'colour'. I think he is picking up things very quickly at nursery 🙂



21 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 12th January 2013)

  1. With him going to nursery, you’ll find he will pick things up very quickly, especially his speech and writing abilities 🙂
    Good luck with it and chasing him around the house?? *lol* That’s not even started yet!! 😉

  2. Lovely photos, look like you had a busy and fun week 🙂

  3. what lovely photos, such a gorgeous smile:)

  4. Such lovely pictures. He looks so like you!! x

  5. Really lovely photos. It’s amazing how kids these days know how to use all these apps!

  6. hehe I love the dual screen iPads, very techy!

  7. he does look a lot like you Jo 🙂
    check him out Mr 2 iPad boy lol and those over sized gloves made me smile he seems to like wearing then though! what a clever boy to be walking so well as you say watch out when he is more confident and able – you will be chasing him all over the place lol
    that lantern is very pretty too i love the colour x

  8. Great week, can’t believe how much rain is on the raincourse!

  9. His face with those over sized gloves is just adorable! Makes me miss my tiny kids now that they’re all teenagery and nearly grown. 🙂

  10. How are you finding baby signing? Its amazing how well babies can use the ipad isnt it?! Mine gets hidden most of the time as I can’t do anything as he wants to play on it!

  11. Loving that trike, hope don’t forget Country Kids when you are out together on that one.

    • We don’t forget Country Kids. We only spent two minutes in the park though as it was so cold. Am hoping we get some snow so I can show Thomas how to built a snowman for next week’s Country Kids.

  12. Sounds like a busy week

  13. sometimes we have a takeaway if ive had a long day at work……its a nice treat for the children!


    Loving the trike ride, looks greatvfun

  15. Looks a great week. That reminds me I’ve not taken the photos off my ipad yet. Those trikes with the handles are great aren’t they.

  16. I love your Tuesday pic!!

  17. Love the fact he’s using two iPads; they are such a good resource and tool for learning!I can’t believe he’s the same baby from the start of the project.

    Thanks for linking up

  18. More beautiful photos of your boy. Love the photo of him using two iPads. It really is a different world that today’s toddlers live in compared to when we were all small!

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