Country Kids (W/E 19th January 2013) – Snow Business!

Yesterday as I am sure most of you are aware, parts of the country were gridlocked by the white stuff and the words 'snow day' were shouted from the roof tops. As it was Thomas' first proper chance to see snow, we were eager to get outside and show him how much fun snow is. After a quick walk to our local supermarket to buy Thomas some boots and a sledge, we were off for some fun!

Thomas and I were joined by Daddy (Stuart) and my dad (Grandad Mick) for a trip to our local park. Thomas was a bit unsure at first until he saw the other children in the park enjoying the snow. I put him on the sledge with me and down the hill we went. Thomas loved it. After sledging, we took a walk through the snow and had a mini snowball fight which made Thomas laugh!!! It was a great first snow day for a nearly 15 month old! 🙂




10 responses to “Country Kids (W/E 19th January 2013) – Snow Business!

  1. I MUST buy a sledge ready for next time! Lovely pics x

  2. Lovely pictures! Such a sweet expression of his face like a combo of curiosity, awe and excitement bless him,

    Found via country kids x

  3. Fab photos. Looks like you had so much fun.

  4. sounds like a brilliant snowday for you all 🙂 Such lovely photos to remember it with too

  5. Awww he looks like he’s really enjoyed it!!

  6. Thomas looks soooo cute in his hat. Pooh Bear is 21 months and has experienced snow for the first time this week. He’s not too impressed once he gets cold 😀

  7. I love the pic of you on the sledge. I wasn’t brave enough to have a go on the sledge this year – we just pulled my son along on the flat. Maybe if we get more snow I should have a go! Just popping over from the Country Kids linky x

  8. its great to share a ride on the sledge when they are young… year you’ll spend the whole time pulling him along!

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