My Week That Was (W/E 16th February 2013)


On Sunday, Stuart and I went on an archery and shooting experience with my mum, stepdad, sister and her boyfriend. We had a cold but fantastic time. Thomas went with my dad down Bewdley to visit my nan.
On Monday, Thomas and I went to baby signing at our local Kiddicare, then had something to eat in the cafe and a go in the play area. Thomas loved the big bears that were in there.
On Tuesday, it was pancake day so Stuart got the job of making them as I am useless!!
On Wednesday, Thomas brought some artwork home from nursery. They had got inspired by the snow and used cotton reels to do some stamping.
On Thursday, Thomas brought a valentine's drawing home from nursery. I was a very proud mummy indeed!
On Friday, I took Thomas for his first haircut. Here are the before and after photos. Thomas hated having his haircut. He screamed all the way through. It was very traumatic for both of us. My baby has gone now and he is a proper little boy!
Yesterday, we went to our local pub and Thomas decided to copy the bigger kids. He saw them sweeping them up outside and went to help them. I hope he enjoys it this much when he is older!!!
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5 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 16th February 2013)

  1. Hope he continues to enjoy sweeping up, that will be very helpful in years to come!

  2. always amazes me how much older our boys look once they have their first hair cut – as you say they look like proper little boys immediately.
    those artworks are just lovely i would have been chuffed to have been given a heart drawing from mine too x x

  3. Great pics – I hated my son’s first haircut too, they really do change from being a baby to a little boy don’t they. Hope his haircuts get easier (although 4 1/2 years on I hate to tell you ours are just as traumatic 😦 ) x

  4. I love the way that they imitate everyday household chores as children but there’s no way they’ll do them when they’re a teenager or an adult! He looks lovely with his new haircut.

    Thanks for linking up

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