Country Kids: Quack Quack!!


Last Sunday, Thomas, my dad and I went to Bewdley in Worcestershire to visit my Nan. Despite the weather being cold (again!!), I was determined that we would go outside and have some fun!!

We saw a train on the Severn Valley Railway which passes at the end of my Nan's garden. Thomas played football with his Grandad in the garden. Then has we were starting our walk, we saw some sheep crossing the road. Further along, our walk we saw some ducks in a pond which got Thomas excited, especially since he has now started saying 'quack quack', whenever he sees a duck! After our walk, we went back to my Nan's for a rest and a massive Sunday lunch. A very good day had by all 🙂



5 responses to “Country Kids: Quack Quack!!

  1. better it be cold and dry than warm and wet! i really like that photo of Thomas and his grandad having a kick about awww so cute. x

  2. Lovely photos. Looks like a fun day and made even better I bet with a hot Sunday roast. Yum!

  3. sounds like a perfect day with family with a perfect end in the form of a Sunday Roast 🙂

  4. All the makings of a perfect Sunday, outdoors, dry and with lots of things to see and do. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  5. Ah looks fun even though. If weather is awful. Roll on the warm weather x

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