My Week That Was (W/E 2nd March 2013)


On Sunday, we went and visited my Nan in Bewdley, Worcestershire. Thomas and my dad played football, then we went for a walk and came back for a lovely Sunday lunch.

On Monday, we all went to a review lunch at Fleet Street Kitchen in Birmingham. Here is the steak my lucky husband had!

On Tuesday, Thomas came home from nursery and played with his daddy. Here is is, giving Stuart a drink from a plastic jug

On Wednesday, a very nosey pigeon came up to my office window at work

On Thursday, I made the Hairy Biker's gourmet chilli with dark chocolate

On Friday, my sister and I went shopping in the Bullring. Thomas started getting bored in the pushchair so I let him walk round a bit. Here he is in Selfridges 'shopping'!!

Today, we went to the pub for my dad for a bit. As it was a nice day, Thomas and my dad played football in the beer garden. Here they are celebrating a goal!! 🙂








23 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 2nd March 2013)

  1. That steak looks yummy as does your chilli! The photo of your dad and Thomas is very cute!

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos

  3. Great pictures and it looked like a busy week! – I love Chilli but not sure about one with Chocolate ?

  4. oh Jo that final photo of your dad and Thomas is just wonderful – i love how Thomas is copying his grandad and raising his arms in the air too.looks like their share a very special relationship. also like him shopping lol x

  5. That steak looks amazing, it made my mouth water! Your chilli looks lovely too, our chef at work puts chocolate in his too!

  6. The photos of your dad and Thomas playing football are great, lovely to see that most of today’s photos in the linky are sunny and happy.

    Thanks for linking up.

  7. The photo of the steak made my mouth water but I’m a bit worried that it didn’t come with onion rings and fried mushrooms. It’s steak-law isn’t it?!

  8. Love these photos. Steak and strawberries is an interesting combination! Looks like Thomas and his Grandad are very close, the final photo is my favourite.

  9. Love it when they’re learning to play football – a right of passage with Dad!

  10. fivegoblogging

    I am salivating over your chilli! And the steak looks delicious too! Can you tell I’m hungry?

  11. Love his goal celebration! C does something very similar! So cute!

  12. It’s particularly like the photo of Thomas with his Granddad, definitely one to treasure. The chilli looks nice, I’ve cooked chocolate with venison and that was delicious.

  13. OMG Chilli with dark chocolate? Yes Please!

  14. Ahaha I love the pigeon, bold little so and so! How was the chilli? Two of my favourite things, chilli and chocolate – I’m not convinced about them together though!

  15. Oh wow! The steak and the chilli look amazing.
    I love the bottom photo of Thomas with your dad. So cute! x

  16. Love the goal photo and that steak looks delish!

  17. The black and white shot is great. I always love how black and white gives such a classic feel to photos. The goal celebration is very cute. Great colours.

  18. strawberries with steak, not seen that one before. Love the celebration of the goal

  19. Great photos of the lad playing football at home and in the beer garden.
    There’s a future star in the making

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