My Week That Was (W/E 9th March 2013)


On Sunday, we went to the canal in Rowley Regis and fed the ducks and the geese. We taught Thomas how to throw bread and feed the ducks. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being outside as a family

On Monday, Thomas and I did not feel so good so we spent the day at home. Thomas thought it would be fun to put the Lego box on his head

On Tuesday, Thomas was feeling tired after nursery so we had cuddles on the sofa

On Wednesday, after another tiring nursery and work, Thomas played with his favourite toy, Scout

On Thursday, it was World Book Day and Thomas went to nursery dressed as a lion. One of the characters in his favourite book 'How Big Is My Bear'. He looked super cute in his fancy dress

On Friday, Thomas found another box to put on his head!

Today, the lion costume came out again as Thomas was invited to a 3rd birthday fancy dress party. At the party he decorated a crown so he became 'King of the jungle'





19 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 9th March 2013)

  1. OMG that lion outfit is so cute, I want one for myself

  2. That lion costume is adorable!! Also I’m loving the box-hat trend 🙂

  3. he certainly is supercute in the lion outfit, and looks adorable as he waves. buckets were designed for heads not for storing toys

  4. What a brilliant little lion outfit.
    Love the addition of the crown for the party!

  5. The lion costume is one of the cutest things ever.

  6. The lion outfit looks amazing on him, SO cute!! Saturday’s photo is my favourite x

  7. Hey you got yours the same fab toy as ours! I sit and play with the lego and they play with the box!!
    Absolutely gorgeous lion- love Saturday’s photo.

  8. looks like you guys had fun this week! what is it with putting boxes on their heads? lol

  9. That is a super cute lion outfit. He looks adorable

  10. Glad you got to enjoy some outdoor time while you were all still feeling well.

  11. I love the lion outfit… Too cute

  12. saturdays photo is just soooo cute!! awww such a sweetie. i also like sundays photo of your day out – i like his bike i bet he loves riding that x

  13. He looks adorable in that lion costume.

  14. I’ve popped over from Lauren’s ‘week that was’. I love the lion outfit – completely adorable! Today my little girl was crawling into boxes – they do love boxes don’t they?!

  15. He is very cute in the lion costume! And, it looks like you’ve got a pretty easy kid to please, just buy him a box!

  16. Saturday’s photo is too cute! That lion outfit is fab! :0)
    Popping over bus Country Kids.

  17. OHHHHHHHHHH I just want to whisk him up on Thursday – he is soooo soo cute!!!

  18. That’s the cutest little lion I’ve ever seen! Gorgeous.

  19. Oh he looks SO cute in the Lion outfit!!
    My boys love putting boxes on their heads too.
    Thank you for linking up to Week That Was x

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