My Week That Was (W/E 23rd March 2013)


On Sunday, it was Thomas' christening. Here he is, looking smart with daddy before we left for the church. We had a lovely day and we would like to thank all our family and friends for coming 🙂

On Monday, we were very tired/poorly after the christening but we managed to get out and go shopping with my dad. Here is Thomas having a ride with a new friend
On Tuesday, my cough and cold got worse so I had the day off work. Once Thomas came home from nursery we chilled out watching Curious George.
On Wednesday, I made some easy Easter nest cupcakes to take to Blue Door Bakery's Cake Club on Thursday
On Thursday, I went to stay and play at Thomas' nursery. They let me take a few photos. We had lots of fun!

On Friday, due to the weather and our ongoing illnesses and tiredness, we stayed in and made a start on our Easter card making

Today, we are even more snowed in than yesterday so we stayed in and had lots of play doh fun!









15 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 23rd March 2013)

  1. Both your boys look v smart, hope the christening went well! Those cakes look sooooo nice!

  2. What a smart beautiful boy and I hope the day went well.

    Ummm cakes.

  3. I adore him in his little suit, well done on making such an effort for his Christening. Love the playdough activity, he looks like he’s really enjoying it.

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. Looks like a fun week despite the cold and illness. He looks very smart in his suit for his christening.

  5. OMG how cute does he look in his suit! what a great picture 🙂

  6. what a smart boy Thomas is in his little suit . i hope the christening went well. sorry you have been struck by illnesses too i hope you will be better soon – he look so adorable in the last two pics in his sleepsuit x

  7. How cute is he in his suit!!!

  8. He is so cute in his suit. I hope you’re all feeling better and enjoying the snow.

  9. he is very cute in that suit

  10. My, doesn’t he look a smart little man in his christening outfit! Hope he was a good boy.

  11. Congratulations on his Christening. He looks incredibly smart and very cute!

  12. Very smart boys there! Hope you all had fun x

  13. Oh I love the little suit! What a handsome young man 🙂
    He seems very at home with a crayon and paper too!

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