Easy Easter Sensory Box for Toddlers

Easter Sensory Box

For ages now, I have spent many hours looking at Pinterest for ideas for new and exciting things that I can do with Thomas. I have been considering doing a sensory box for a while but not had the time or the energy to make one up for him.

When I was in Asda, a couple of weeks ago I saw some shredded green and yellow paper and some plastic eggs and decided instantly that Thomas and I could have some fun with those. After a quick visit to a local craft shop for a couple of other bits to go in it (pom poms and feathers), I set about making the sensory box up in an old shoe box.

I put the green shredded paper in first with plastic eggs (open, closed and even some with pom poms in) and scattered feathers with more bigger pom poms on top. The yellow shredded paper went on next and the same process followed. I tried to put the eggs into the paper so it would look like they were in a nest.

Thomas enjoyed playing with the sensory box. He picked up the plastic eggs and had fun throwing them. He enjoyed sorting the small pom poms inside the eggs out of them and back in again. He liked being tickled by the feathers and tried to put one in his hair! I will need to  get my thinking cap on and make another sensory box for Thomas soon I think as he enjoyed exploring this one so much!


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6 responses to “Easy Easter Sensory Box for Toddlers

  1. Hi Jo! I had to finally say hi as I have been reading for a little while and enjoyed your blog. Thomas looked SO handsome at his Christening. I have a 2 year old, Drew, and let me tell you it just gets more fun everyday! Anyway, wanted to let you know that I’m your newest follower and hope you’ll join in our link party going up Thursday to show off the little guys Easter Basket! Can’t wait to read more and hope you’ll follow back. Once I hit 300 followers, my good friend, and Stella and Dot consultant, will be doing a giveaway to my readers!

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  3. These are such a great idea. I made one up and mix in with it sweets, small bunnies and clues for the large eggs so all my children could join in. It went really well. You put some great stuff in your box too!

    Thanks for joining in with the spring carnival.

  4. I love that idea! I wish I had read this post before Easter. Sensory boxes are fabulous, so I may do one at another time. Found you via spring carnival

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