Country Kids: Duck Race!


On Easter Bank Holiday, Thomas, my dad and I went to Bewdley and saw the charity duck race, raising funds for the Lions Club. We brought Thomas a duck which he had a picture with


Then I left Thomas with my dad to take photos of the ducks being thrown in the river

The ducks in the river
Afterwards, we went to the park nearby and Thomas climbed through a tunnel

And went down a slide! It was a lovely but cold day and we hope to go again sometime soon!






12 responses to “Country Kids: Duck Race!

  1. Oh my, how cute is that picture of him holding the duck?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How fantastic that looks i would love to go to a duck race x

  3. love the ducks! and the slide looks alot of fun

  4. All the yellow ducks really brighten up the cloudy day, it sounds like it was good fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. That is a lot of ducks! We do something similar as a fund raiser for the local scout movement. Makes a great afternoon out and kids just love the race itself. I must say Thomas looks equally taken with the tunnel, great photo!

  7. Looks like fun – is it an annual event Jo? Would like to go one year if it is.

    • It is. It normally runs on a New Years Day but due to high water levels, they moved it to Easter Bank Holiday Monday. I think the Easter holiday is the best time for it myself

  8. That’s a great idea – brilliant pic of all the ducks. Are they rescued again in the end?

  9. It’s great having kids when it comes to a Duck Race – I love them #Country Kids

  10. Your son is so cute holding that duck. Did he want to keep it? Great pic of all the ducks being thrown from the bridge.

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