My Week That Was (W/E 13th April 2013)


On Sunday, we needed to get Thomas some new shoes so we went to Merry Hill. After getting the shoes, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Here is Thomas' post pizza face!

On Monday, we went to our baby signing group then came home and had a quiet afternoon. Thomas decided that plates were not for food but were face masks instead!

On Tuesday, I went for a walk outside my work testing equipment and saw these pinecones hanging in a tree.

On Wednesday, Thomas brought some sticking art back from nursery.

On Thursday, Thomas played with the new play tunnel I got him for a bargain £8 from Asda.

On Friday night, I went to see Meatloaf at the LG Arena at the NEC. It was fantastic. Such an amazing, emotional show.

Yesterday, we went to Brum Yum Yum, a new streetfood event that will be taking place in Kings Heath, Birmingham every month from now on. We ate the most gorgeous pizza while we were there.





7 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 13th April 2013)

  1. fantastic pictures, i love the plate face 🙂

  2. What a lovely happy picture of Thomas in his new tunnel and the pizza does look delicious!

  3. love his pizza face and him crawling through that tunnel. i also like the fir cones shot. x

  4. Meatloaf – very cool, i’m a bit jealous except I bet it finished way past my bed time which is currently about 10pm. The tunnel photo is adorable.

  5. Love the photo with the plate, my lot do that too 🙂 I saw Meatloaf in concert (quite a few years ago, now that I think of it..!) – it was great, glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Those pinecones are fabulous! Love them.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. Play tunnels are one of the best inventions ever! Charles got one for his 1st birthday…almost 3 years later he still loves it, as does Harry now.
    That pizza looks amazing.
    Thank you for linking up x

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