Country Kids: Getting Bigger!


Thomas is 18 months old next week and this is the first real taste of spring he has had. Today we have taken full advantage of the weather and have had fun doing lots of new things. We have climbed on ropes, been on the big slide in the park, been on a big boy scooter and written with a stick in the dirt. Thomas enjoyed every second of it. He really wants to be a big kid and tries to copy everything they do. I cannot wait for the other first adventures we are going to have this summer!!




6 responses to “Country Kids: Getting Bigger!

  1. Oh my word, is that really the same little baby in a pushcahir just looking at the park last year? What a difference a year makes. He looks like he is turning into a perfectly happy toddling boy now. Delighted to have you link up on Country Kids.

  2. Looks like so much fun. It’s always when watching my wee man in the park that I realise how much he is grown. Slowly the get to do more and more by themselves!

  3. It looks like he had an absolute blast on the slide. It’s nice to be able to get outdoors and make proper use of our parks

  4. Wow, he is really coming along with his confidence and physical ability. Such a happy smiley face.

    Nipping over from the Country Kids linky.

  5. he is getting so confident now isn’t he? watch out because once he does there will be no stopping him!! love the photo of him on the slide x

  6. Your park looks awesome! I love the rope climbing frame. Dexter would love this!

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