My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 4th May 2013)

I am not 100% sure what happened last week. I just seemed to have no energy to blog. Normal service is resuming this week though and I have two weeks to catch you up on.

Week One

On Sunday, we went shopping and then feeling hungry, we went to the food court in the shopping centre. Thomas tired his first spring roll. He loved them!

On Monday, we went to Mary Steven's park in Stourbridge to feed the ducks. I took this photo of the pool there

On Tuesday, Thomas played with his new drum kit that has been given to us from friends. He deafened us!


On Wednesday, it was Daddy's birthday and as he was away in Edinburgh we wrote a message for him on a chalkboard and Thomas posed for a picture. Daddy really liked it and knew we were thinking of him


On Thursday, I hosted an NCT event at my house and I made this strawberry and caramel tart for everyone. The plate was spotless by the end!

On Friday, Thomas randomly decided to climb into a plastic bucket while we were at our NCT coffee morning


On Saturday, Thomas turned 18 months old (where has my baby gone?)

Week Two

On Sunday, we went down to Bewdley to see my nan. While walking the dog, we saw this nesting swan and her partner keeping guard. It was lovely and very peaceful.


On Monday, we went shopping again and Thomas played in the play area within the centre. He loved this blue car but wanted to get out of it as soon as another child came anywhere near it!

On Tuesday, Thomas and I took a picture of ourselves

On Wednesday, I took a picture of myself for this week's The Gallery theme

On Thursday, I went to a farm shop on the way back from work to get some asparagus. I took this photo of the apple trees in blossom opposite in the farm shop

On Friday, Thomas tried asparagus for the first time and I made asparagus with poached eggs and butter for my lunch

Today, as it was sort of sunny, we have held our first BBQ of the year. We have had a fantastic afternoon




10 responses to “My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 4th May 2013)

  1. that strawberry and caramel tart looks sooo good Jo mmm ( I am feeling peckish!)
    Thomas is such a cutie and i love the photo of him holding his daddy’s birthday message and i love the one of you and him taken on Tuesday – that’s a lovely one of you both. He is such a happy little boy x x

  2. Happy Birthday Daddy! Looks like a lovely garden BBQ, how lovely to have the weather for it at last!

  3. That strawberry tart looks lush!

  4. That tart looks fab. Not surprised it didn’t last long. Love daddy’s birthday message too.

  5. saw the strawberry tart and HAD to come visit. nom nom.
    So your “friend” bought your child a drum kit – what kind of a friend is this?
    Love your Saturday black and white, really stunning capture

  6. Looks like you have had a great few weeks. The tart looked lovely. Bet you were so pleased when he was given a drum kit *ahem*

  7. What a lovely birthday message, so cute! And that tart really does look very yummy 🙂 I also love the shot of the apple trees, what a great photo.

  8. I wondered what happened to you last week.
    The strawberry tart looks amazing.
    The black and white photo of Thomas is beautiful.
    I’m not quite sure I could cope with a drumkit xx

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