My Week That Was (W/E 11th May 2013)


On Sunday, we went to my Nan and Grandad's house and Thomas went and played in their garden. He loved their vegetable patch and went and sat in it for a long time. We wondered what he was going to grow himself into!

On Monday, we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. Thomas loved their small bouncy castle in their garden

On Tuesday, Thomas came home from nursery and played with his stacking cups. He is getting quite good at building towers now


On Wednesday, Thomas left his two monkey friends on his little chair and I thought they looked quite cute together

On Thursday, Thomas played with his Daddy after nursery. Here is his 'Talk to the hand daddy' pose LOL!

On Friday, we had a relaxing day at home and Thomas decided to feed himself pasta bolognaise again! This is the mess he got into


Today, I went to Tots 100 #BlogSummit in Birmingham. I had a fantastic time. Here is a sneak preview of what I am wearing in my photo booth shots!




8 responses to “My Week That Was (W/E 11th May 2013)

  1. Awww how teeny does he look on that bouncy castle? And I like the shot of him sat in the vegetable patch! And the Ooompa Loompa aka bolognese face photo real,y made me smile and brought back flashbacks of my two doing the same!., x

  2. Love the bouncy castle shot, even if it does look a bit wonky on the side! Oh he had fun with the bolognese sauce didn’t he?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. fivegoblogging

    I love the vegetable patch photo complete with very impressive rhubarb. Crumble for pudding?

  4. Love the veggie patch photo and I had to smile at the bolognese photo as my littlest is exactly the same. It looks like he prefers to use his fingers rather than the spoon too!

  5. Lovely pictures of Thomas having fun, I did laugh at the bolognese face.

  6. great pictures honey love the pasta face! I missed you at blogsummit i was there! xx

  7. Thomas is very cute. I love the messy face photo.

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