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Thomas at 8 months

Thomas is now 8 months ago. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Over the last couple of months, Thomas has turned from a baby into a little boy. He is into everything. Whatever we have, he wants it and will do his best to get to it. Thomas is not interested in crawling at the moment and screams whenever you put up on his tummy on the floor, despite he could roll over and get out of the position if he wanted too.

Thomas can walk with support quite well and if stood up next to a sofa, he will cruise up and down it with ease. He can not pull himself up which means we do not have to invest in safety gates just yet. Thomas loves watching and playing with bigger babies and children. He just wants to be off with them having adventures. Thomas eats everything that I put in front of him including cheese and tomato pizza, broad bean, pea and garlic bruschetta and salmon, with mashed potatoes, vegetables and parsley sauce. He is a little foodie, just like his parents.

He still enjoys mummy and baby yoga and tiny talk. He did his first sign of bird a couple of weeks ago. Thomas enjoys listening to music and even doesn’t mind me singing to him! He loves playing in his new ball pit and going to the park to play on the swings. Today he has started to try to clap on his own too.

Thomas, you are a very happy and bright little boy. I cannot wait to see what else you will do over the coming months and years. I am a very proud mummy! 🙂

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Will Advice For New Parents

As I am sure some of you know, Stuart and I have recently purchased a new house. During the house purchase, we discussed with our solicitor that we wanted to set up a will once the purchase had gone through. It turns out that we should both have already had one and that until we get married, Thomas is both our next of kin. This was a bit of a wake up call for both of us and something we are sorting asap. I do not want to this happen to other expecting or new parents so here is some advice from solicitors about wills.

Now you’re no longer a couple, but a family with a new baby, as well as choosing a pram and car seat you should be writing a Will to ensure your child is cared for if anything happens to you.

Why should I make a will when I’m still young?

Sadly 60 per cent of people die without making a Will and then it’s left to the courts and the state to decide how children are cared for. By writing a Will you are making sure your wishes for your children’s welfare are carried out.

Can I say in a Will who will look after my child or children if I die?

Yes, you can appoint a legal guardian who you know and trust to care for your child or children if you and your spouse should die. This person will be responsible for making decisions in your place.

If I don’t make a Will what would happen to my property, money and belongings?

If you don’t make a Will the State will decide how your assets are distributed, regardless of your wishes, and if there are step children in the family the situation could be complicated.  Making a Will stating how you wish your assets to be distributed ensures your wishes will be carried out.

How can I ensure children from a previous relationship are cared for in my Will?

If there are stepchildren in the family a discretionary trust Will or a mutual Will can be used to ensure their future welfare is protected.

What is a discretionary trust Will?

This type of Will is suitable if you decide to leave half of your estate to a child from a previous relationship and half to your current spouse and children. You can put up to £325,000 into a trust for the child from a previous relationship and he or she would benefit from the trust when your spouse dies. This means your spouse and children can live in the family home but the money in the trust can’t be touched.

What is a mutual Will?

To make a mutual Will you and your spouse have to name the same beneficiaries to be left agreed sums of money when the second spouse dies. Each will would contain a clause to say that neither of you can change the Will without the other’s consent. This means that if you die first a child from a previous relationship will still be provided for and your spouse has access to all your money for his or her life time.

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Thomas At 18 Weeks

Thomas is 18 weeks old

He weighs 15lbs 7oz
He likes to sit up with support and look at the world
He enjoys Mummy & Baby Yoga and Tiny Talk
He likes it when people talk to him
He is teething and has been since he was 8 weeks old
He has slept through the night 4 times! (2 of them in a row)
He enjoys going out and about on adventures with Mummy and Daddy
He dislikes tummy time but is getting there eventually with it
His favourite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
He enjoys swimming
He does not mind being looked after by other people
He is a happy, cheerful little boy (most of the time!)

I am getting more proud of him everyday 🙂

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I’m still here!

Hello everyone. I am sure you are beginning to think that this is turning into just a Project 366 blog and I have completely lost my blogging mojo.

Well, let me ensure you that this is not the case. I have more blogging mojo at the moment that I have had for a while. However, Thomas is now becoming more alert and very aware as to what is going on in the world and because of this, he is hardly sleeping in the day. Once he has gone to bed at night, we have dinner, an hour in front of the tv and then before you know it, its bedtime. I seem to have no time at all to blog properly how I want to as I am to tired once he has gone to bed.

I am hoping in the next month or so that this will change and I can make more regular appearances apart from posting a picture a day for a year. Next week, Thomas is moving into his own room and I am hoping he will start sleeping through the night soon too.

If you do have any tips to make moving him into his own room easier or to encourage him to sleep through the night, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for keeping on reading Jo’s Nursery. It is much appreciated 🙂

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Product Review: Natureshop’s Baby Range

When I was pregnant, I was approached by Nature Shop and asked if I would like to try some items from their baby range. As I did not know whether Thomas was a girl or a boy, I chose a couple of neutral items and they were a sleeping grown and a hooded towel. I am very impressed with both items.

They are made using organic cotton and are excellent quality. The hooded towel is the best one we have got. It is the thickest and put the normal thin baby towels to shame. The sleeping grown is lovely and yet again, feels very high quality. Despite it is being neutral, I think the sleeping grown is slightly feminine for a boy but that is just me being really picky if I am honest. There are other colours available which are better for boys. I cannot wait until I get 5 minutes and can order Thomas a few more goodies from Nature Shop.

Many thanks to Katarina for sending me the items to review 🙂

The First 9 Weeks

I have now been a Mummy to Thomas for 9 weeks and I have loved nearly every single second of it. Once we sorted the feeding situation out, Thomas is now contended the majority of the time. However, there are occasions when he gets overtired and cannot be consoled at all. He likes looking around and sometimes looks round for so long that he forgets to go to sleep. Thomas then just crys until he eventually goes to sleep. I do not like this as nothing I do will stop him crying.

Apart from that, motherhood is everything I expected it to be and more. I cannot remember what life was like before we had him. I occasionally have vague recollections but they feel dream like. Our family and friends have been amazing and I do not know what we would of done without them.

I have only left Thomas with Stuart for 5 times so far and he has taken him out himself a couple of times too. My Mom has had him once for for 4-5 hours over the festive period but that has been the only time he has been looked after by someone else outside of our house. I am hoping to increase this a bit more in the New Year.

This festive week has been a bit hard on us as Thomas has had a cold and bit of a fever. Most of the time he is ok but occasionally he just will not settle at all and we have had to give him Calpol, take him for a walk or just let him cry until he settles. Last night he had his best night’s sleep so far (Calpol fuelled), sleeping from 9pm-4.45am then going back down at 5.50am and sleeping until 9.15am. I am hoping this is a sign of things to come.

We really enjoyed Thomas’ first Christmas and cannot believe how many presents he got. Thank you again our wonderful family and friends. I love being a Mummy and am looking forward to whatever 2012 brings. Stuart and I want to get married, get Thomas christened and move house so it is going to be a busy one. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog in 2011 and will join us for our adventures next year and beyond. Thank you for all your support and help this year. It is much appreciated.

Happy New Year! 🙂

My Breastfeeding Experience

When Thomas was 13 days old, I decided that breastfeeding was no longer suitable for us. This was a hard decision to make and one that I agonised over for few days and felt disappointed about for a few days after that.

When Thomas came into this world, he had swallowed lots of fluid inside me and suffered really badly with mucus. He hardly slept or breastfed for the first few days. I thought breastfeeding was easy to begin with and wondered why so many people had problems with it. Yes, I was a little sore and found it uncomfortable but I knew it was my body getting used to the new thing it was doing.

When my milk came in and Thomas finally cleared the mucus, things began to change. He became constantly hungry all the time. He would take an hour and a half to feed with a couple of breaks during the feed, then an hour and a half later he would want feeding again. I had no energy and just felt tired and upset all the time. I did not feel myself at all.

I spoke to the midwives and my friends on Twitter who ensured me that things would get better so I kept going for a few more days.On day 11, we had the first visit from the health visitor. She made me feel better as she said any breastfeeding was better than none and I had done well to last as long as I had.

I lasted one more night then on the afternoon of day 12, I cracked and asked my neighbour with a 10 week old for some formula. I gave Thomas one bottle and he then slept for 4 hours straight. This was the most he had ever slept in one go. We did not know what to do with ourselves.

Still unsure of what to do and feeling very guilty for giving Thomas formula, I called my friend and breastfeeding buddy, Mandy. She came round and checked that my breastfeeding technique was right and it was. We discovered that Thomas was using me for comfort as a dummy. We discussed the situation for a while and as Mandy said, if breastfeeding was easy then we not need buddies for it.

I decided to give Thomas more formula in the overnight feeds so we could get some sleep. I do not like making major decisions when I am very tired. The next morning, I expressed some milk off. It took me nearly an hour to get 2 1/2 ounces and I felt like Daisy the cow while I was doing it. I thought about doing combination feeding but the expressing seemed to take ages and required lots of practice to get it right. It was then I told Stuart that I wanted to formula feed Thomas. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. I went to my local NCT coffee morning and spoke to the fellow Mom’s there. Most of them had a similar story to tell. I felt a millions times better.

Thomas proved that I had made the right decision later that afternoon when I gave him my last feed of the expressed breastmilk.  After the 2 1/2 ounces he was still not full so I got another bottle of formula, expecting him to take an ounce or so. He drank another 2 1/2 ounces of formula. My breastmilk had hardly touched the sides.

The majority of the people I have met have been supportive of my decision, however a very small few have given negative comments. This experience has not put me off breastfeeding and I fully intend to try again when I have another child. All I know is that since I have stopped breastfeeding, I have been a happier mummy and Thomas has been a happy settled baby.

I would like to thank Stuart, Mandy, my NCT friends and all the rest of my family and friends for their support during my time breastfeeding and my decision to stop. It is greatly appreciated 🙂

Tips for Breastfeeding

Although I only breastfed for a short time I do have some tips that may help you during the early days of breastfeeding your little one.

  1. Use Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple cream from the start. Your hospital breastfeeding support worker will probably say you do not need it but I would of stopped after two days without this.
  2. Breastfeeding only hurts if you are doing it wrong. It is uncomfortable but that is because your body is getting used to it. Keep at it and will stop being uncomfortable. I had just got to this stage when I decided to stop.
  3. Get yourself a comfortable supportive bra like Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. I highly recommend it.
  4. Ensure you have the full support of your partner before you start. I would not have got through the first two weeks without Stuart.
  5. Practice breastfeeding in public by going into supportive environments to begin with, such as your local NCT groups.
  6. Find out who your local ‘Breastfeeding Buddy’ is. They are usually in your local Children’s Centre.
  7. If you decide to stop breastfeeding and want to get rid of your milk supply quickly, drink a couple of pints of water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in it. It is not pleasant but it works.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope that by sharing my experience I help others in the long run. What was your breastfeeding experience like? Did you experience anything similar? Do you have any more tips you can add to my list?