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Country Kids: Getting Bigger!


Thomas is 18 months old next week and this is the first real taste of spring he has had. Today we have taken full advantage of the weather and have had fun doing lots of new things. We have climbed on ropes, been on the big slide in the park, been on a big boy scooter and written with a stick in the dirt. Thomas enjoyed every second of it. He really wants to be a big kid and tries to copy everything they do. I cannot wait for the other first adventures we are going to have this summer!!




Country Kids: Duck Race!


On Easter Bank Holiday, Thomas, my dad and I went to Bewdley and saw the charity duck race, raising funds for the Lions Club. We brought Thomas a duck which he had a picture with


Then I left Thomas with my dad to take photos of the ducks being thrown in the river

The ducks in the river
Afterwards, we went to the park nearby and Thomas climbed through a tunnel

And went down a slide! It was a lovely but cold day and we hope to go again sometime soon!





Country Kids: Chick Chick Chicken!!


This morning, Thomas, Stuart and I went to Beckett's Farm to see the baby animals and the chicks hatching. We saw sheep, calves, pigs, goats, donkeys and chickens. Thomas was not sure what to make of the pigs, chickens and donkeys. The chicks were very sweet and Thomas enjoyed seeing them. He liked the sheep as they did not move round so much. I think next year will be even better as Thomas will understand more. The farm was very busy so we did not stay quite as long as we would of liked but will definitely be back soon 🙂


My Week That Was (W/E 9th March 2013)


On Sunday, we went to the canal in Rowley Regis and fed the ducks and the geese. We taught Thomas how to throw bread and feed the ducks. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being outside as a family

On Monday, Thomas and I did not feel so good so we spent the day at home. Thomas thought it would be fun to put the Lego box on his head

On Tuesday, Thomas was feeling tired after nursery so we had cuddles on the sofa

On Wednesday, after another tiring nursery and work, Thomas played with his favourite toy, Scout

On Thursday, it was World Book Day and Thomas went to nursery dressed as a lion. One of the characters in his favourite book 'How Big Is My Bear'. He looked super cute in his fancy dress

On Friday, Thomas found another box to put on his head!

Today, the lion costume came out again as Thomas was invited to a 3rd birthday fancy dress party. At the party he decorated a crown so he became 'King of the jungle'




Country Kids: Quack Quack!!


Last Sunday, Thomas, my dad and I went to Bewdley in Worcestershire to visit my Nan. Despite the weather being cold (again!!), I was determined that we would go outside and have some fun!!

We saw a train on the Severn Valley Railway which passes at the end of my Nan's garden. Thomas played football with his Grandad in the garden. Then has we were starting our walk, we saw some sheep crossing the road. Further along, our walk we saw some ducks in a pond which got Thomas excited, especially since he has now started saying 'quack quack', whenever he sees a duck! After our walk, we went back to my Nan's for a rest and a massive Sunday lunch. A very good day had by all 🙂


Country Kids (W/E 23rd February 2013) – Monkeying Around!!

Yesterday, we went to the Birmingham Nature Centre for the first time. The nature centre is a small zoo located near Cannon Hill Park, just off the Pershore Road in Birmingham. It was very cold and quite a few of the animals were hiding but we did get to see lots of monkeys, meerkats, birds, sheep, goats, and otters. It was a lovely way to pass a morning. Thomas enjoyed it as I took him on his trike, meaning he could see and interact more with the animals. I am hoping we can return to the nature centre in the summer when the weather is warmer!



Country Kids (W/E 19th January 2013) – Snow Business!

Yesterday as I am sure most of you are aware, parts of the country were gridlocked by the white stuff and the words 'snow day' were shouted from the roof tops. As it was Thomas' first proper chance to see snow, we were eager to get outside and show him how much fun snow is. After a quick walk to our local supermarket to buy Thomas some boots and a sledge, we were off for some fun!

Thomas and I were joined by Daddy (Stuart) and my dad (Grandad Mick) for a trip to our local park. Thomas was a bit unsure at first until he saw the other children in the park enjoying the snow. I put him on the sledge with me and down the hill we went. Thomas loved it. After sledging, we took a walk through the snow and had a mini snowball fight which made Thomas laugh!!! It was a great first snow day for a nearly 15 month old! 🙂