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Project 366 – 297/366

When I first started Project 366, I never thought it would have an effect on Thomas. However when I collected Thomas from nursery this evening, his key carer told me that she had tried to take a photo of him reading, he noticed the camera and instantly posed for her. She tried again but the same thing happened. I think Thomas has got so used to seeing a camera now, he instantly smiles and is comfortable seeing them. I think Thomas gets this from me as when I was a child, if a camera was out I used to run in front of it and do crazy things just to get the attention on me. Like mother, like son! Here is Thomas posing for the camera after he came back from nursery 🙂


Thomas’ First Week At Nursery

This week I have gone back to work part time and Thomas has started going to a local nursery three days a week. The first day was a bit traumatic but that was mostly for me! Because I work in Worcester, I have to get up at 6am, have a coffee and get ready then get Thomas up, give him some milk and be out the door to take him to nursery for 7.30am. I need to be at work for 8.30am. I did not get much sleep on Monday night as I worrying about getting up as I am so out of practice. I even set two alarms just in case.

We got to nursery for 7.40am and I dropped him off with his key carer and apart from a few tears he was fine. I just about managed to get back to the car before I burst into floods of tears. I got myself back together and drove to work. I was warmly welcomed back at work with a little get together with tea and lots of cake and biscuits which made me feel better. I lasted until after lunch before calling the nursery to see how Thomas was doing. I was pleased to find out that he had settled and was having fun but they were struggling to get him to sleep. I picked him up at 5.15pm and he was tired and looked pleased to see me. Thomas was smiling at all the staff though so he must have had a good time. Wednesday was pretty much the same but he struggled to get to sleep again. They even put him in a pushchair to see if that would work. Yesterday, Thomas was very happy when I picked him up and he waving to me and all the staff. He seems to be having a good time there but by 3pm, he becomes grumpy as he is not getting enough sleep.

Thomas is very inquisitive and does not want to miss anything. When they put them to sleep, the nursery put them all in travel cots in the same room which is not very dark and play lullabies in the background. When we are home, Thomas goes into his cot in a dark room, with his Winnie the Pooh light show and if it is night-time,  he sleeps in a baby sleeping bag. I have been trying to think of things I can tell the nursery to do to help him get some sleep and enjoy the afternoon more. I am thinking of sending one of his sleeping bags in and seeing how that goes. What do you think I should do? He has three hours sleep today already and I don’t really want to spend all of my day off in the house while he sleeps to catch up with what he has missed at nursery. I want us to be out having fun.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you


Weeks 31-35: Basketball into Beachball!

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last updated you on Bump and I’s progress. How very naughty of me! I apologise for my tardiness. I don’t know where the last month has gone to be honest.  I had my two weeks signed off on sick leave after my bleed which flew by, went back to work to finish stuff off for a week and I am now on my second week of maternity leave.

At the moment being on maternity leave feels like being on holiday. I am still getting used to being at home all the time and being able to do things when I want to. Shopping in a supermarket in the middle of the working week is a joy that I am loving. You can actually get round the shop unlike on a Saturday. We have brought everything for the baby and have it in piles all over the house. Our nursery is currently still a spare room but Stuart has ensured me that this will change in the next couple of weeks.

Stuart and I have joined our local National Childbirth Trust (NCT) branch and I have been going to ‘Bumps and Babes’ and open house coffee mornings meeting parents from all around our local area. I love it and am looking forward continuing this on and volunteering to help run things for the NCT once the baby has arrived.

My bump seems to have grown to a massive size over the last month. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and wondered where the beachball had come from. The last time I looked I had a basketball sized bump. The good news is that it is all baby. I haven’t put on much extra weight at all. 🙂

We started the antenatal classes at our local hospital this week. I thought I had seen everything until I saw a knitted uterus! I thought the session was ok but I did not really learn anything more about labour than what I could learn from a book. Stuart found the session more useful.  Last night we went to a breastfeeding workshop. After reading about Hayley’s experience, I was slightly sceptical about what I could learn from the session. However I didn’t need to worry. The lady who ran the session was well informed, amusing and went through all the benefits and possible problems we might have. I am very lucky that the support network for breastfeeding ladies seems quite good too.  I decided ages ago that I wanted to breastfeed the baby. This session did not change my mind and make me want to breastfeed successfully even more. After the knitted uterus at the antenatal class, I was not surprised when they brought out a knitted boob to teach us how to hand express.

Next week, we have a busy week with a midwife appointment on Tuesday, a bump photo shoot with Jay Mountford on Wednesday, another antenatal class on Wednesday night and my 36 week scan on Friday to see if my placenta has moved and I can have a natural birth. *Fingers crossed* 🙂

Website Review:

A few weeks ago, I was asked via Twitter if I would like to review As we are currently sorting out our nursery and in need of inspiration, I jumped at the chance.  BabyDeco is a one stop shop for ideas and inspiration for decorating your baby’s or toddler’s room. There is a gallery where people can upload pictures of their nursery to give ideas for others. There is a resources section with lots of hints and tips to help you decorate your nursery, including some DIY things to make.

In the shop section, you have access to many merchants who supply a wide range of nursery furniture, beddings and accessories. We are doing our nursery in the theme of Winnie The Pooh as it is my favourite. I did a search within the shop section for Winnie The Pooh and came up with a few things I would like to get for Bump including My 1st Winnie The Pooh Soft Toy, Tomy Winnie The Pooh Dreamtime Light Show  and for when Bump is a bit older, we can get him or her a VTech Winnie The Pooh Walker. Overall, I was very impressed with BabyDeco and recommend it to anyone in need of ideas and inspiration for their child’s room. 🙂