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Weeks 31-35: Basketball into Beachball!

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last updated you on Bump and I’s progress. How very naughty of me! I apologise for my tardiness. I don’t know where the last month has gone to be honest.ย  I had my two weeks signed off on sick leave after my bleed which flew by, went back to work to finish stuff off for a week and I am now on my second week of maternity leave.

At the moment being on maternity leave feels like being on holiday. I am still getting used to being at home all the time and being able to do things when I want to. Shopping in a supermarket in the middle of the working week is a joy that I am loving. You can actually get round the shop unlike on a Saturday. We have brought everything for the baby and have it in piles all over the house. Our nursery is currently still a spare room but Stuart has ensured me that this will change in the next couple of weeks.

Stuart and I have joined our local National Childbirth Trust (NCT) branch and I have been going to ‘Bumps and Babes’ and open house coffee mornings meeting parents from all around our local area. I love it and am looking forward continuing this on and volunteering to help run things for the NCT once the baby has arrived.

My bump seems to have grown to a massive size over the last month. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and wondered where the beachball had come from. The last time I looked I had a basketball sized bump. The good news is that it is all baby. I haven’t put on much extra weight at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

We started the antenatal classes at our local hospital this week. I thought I had seen everything until I saw a knitted uterus! I thought the session was ok but I did not really learn anything more about labour than what I could learn from a book. Stuart found the session more useful.ย  Last night we went to a breastfeeding workshop. After reading about Hayley’s experience, I was slightly sceptical about what I could learn from the session. However I didn’t need to worry. The lady who ran the session was well informed, amusing and went through all the benefits and possible problems we might have. I am very lucky that the support network for breastfeeding ladies seems quite good too.ย  I decided ages ago that I wanted to breastfeed the baby. This session did not change my mind and make me want to breastfeed successfully even more. After the knitted uterus at the antenatal class, I was not surprised when they brought out a knitted boob to teach us how to hand express.

Next week, we have a busy week with a midwife appointment on Tuesday, a bump photo shoot with Jay Mountford on Wednesday, another antenatal class on Wednesday night and my 36 week scan on Friday to see if my placenta has moved and I can have a natural birth. *Fingers crossed* ๐Ÿ™‚


Rocking the Bump: Being a Lush Mummy!

What do you normally think of when you think of maternity clothes? Frumpy, flowery, unattractive, tent like or boring possibly. Well, maternity clothes have improved a lot in recent yearsย  but some clothes manufacturers still think that women want to hide their bumps, not show them off. I am 24 weeks pregnant now and I love my showing my Bump off, especially when I go out for special occasions.

I have been lucky when it has comes to maternity wear as I have a blog sponsor in the form of Lush Mummy. Lush Mummy was set up by Amy and Anna, two sisters who work in the City of London who both got pregnant and then could not find anything to wear that they liked, that was suitable for in the office. As they originally came from Korea and already had clothes brought over from there for them. They started ordering maternity/breastfeeding clothes for themselves and their friends too and this is how Lush Mummy got started.

I have been wearing their clothes now for a couple of months and I have been very impressed with the quality, the style and the price. My absolute favourite item is the Diamond Dress in black. I love it! I have been looking for a proper little black dress for years and have finally one. I would wear it if it I was not pregnant as the fit is that good.ย  I feel fabulous in it. I highly recommend it!

The second dress I have been wearing is the Peachy Orange dress. I wore this during the day at my friend Ali’s wedding in Somerset, a week and half ago.ย  I changed into the Diamond dress on the evening as it is more suitable for partying. The peachy orange dress is good quality but the cut is larger than the diamond dress so more suitable for bigger bumps than mine currently is. It was slightly on the large size for me but no one could tell and I got lots of lovely compliments for it. I am sure it will look great as my bump gets bigger throughout the rest of the summer.

The third item I have been sent is the Pandora maternity/breastfeeding top. This top goes well with jeans, trousers or leggings and has a stretchy band that goes around the waist showing your bump off really well. It has discrete zips for breastfeeding that are well hidden under a floaty material layer at the top. This top will last you throughout pregnancy and beyond. I really like the top, although it took a bit of getting used too as I do not really wear floaty material things. I love how it shows the bump off though and cannot wait for the next chance I get to wear it!

Thank you to Amy and Anna for sending me these lovely clothes. It is much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

This is how I have been rocking my bump. Please come and tell me how you have been rocking yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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