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My Week That Was (W/E 11th May 2013)


On Sunday, we went to my Nan and Grandad's house and Thomas went and played in their garden. He loved their vegetable patch and went and sat in it for a long time. We wondered what he was going to grow himself into!

On Monday, we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. Thomas loved their small bouncy castle in their garden

On Tuesday, Thomas came home from nursery and played with his stacking cups. He is getting quite good at building towers now


On Wednesday, Thomas left his two monkey friends on his little chair and I thought they looked quite cute together

On Thursday, Thomas played with his Daddy after nursery. Here is his 'Talk to the hand daddy' pose LOL!

On Friday, we had a relaxing day at home and Thomas decided to feed himself pasta bolognaise again! This is the mess he got into


Today, I went to Tots 100 #BlogSummit in Birmingham. I had a fantastic time. Here is a sneak preview of what I am wearing in my photo booth shots!




My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 4th May 2013)

I am not 100% sure what happened last week. I just seemed to have no energy to blog. Normal service is resuming this week though and I have two weeks to catch you up on.

Week One

On Sunday, we went shopping and then feeling hungry, we went to the food court in the shopping centre. Thomas tired his first spring roll. He loved them!

On Monday, we went to Mary Steven's park in Stourbridge to feed the ducks. I took this photo of the pool there

On Tuesday, Thomas played with his new drum kit that has been given to us from friends. He deafened us!


On Wednesday, it was Daddy's birthday and as he was away in Edinburgh we wrote a message for him on a chalkboard and Thomas posed for a picture. Daddy really liked it and knew we were thinking of him


On Thursday, I hosted an NCT event at my house and I made this strawberry and caramel tart for everyone. The plate was spotless by the end!

On Friday, Thomas randomly decided to climb into a plastic bucket while we were at our NCT coffee morning


On Saturday, Thomas turned 18 months old (where has my baby gone?)

Week Two

On Sunday, we went down to Bewdley to see my nan. While walking the dog, we saw this nesting swan and her partner keeping guard. It was lovely and very peaceful.


On Monday, we went shopping again and Thomas played in the play area within the centre. He loved this blue car but wanted to get out of it as soon as another child came anywhere near it!

On Tuesday, Thomas and I took a picture of ourselves

On Wednesday, I took a picture of myself for this week's The Gallery theme

On Thursday, I went to a farm shop on the way back from work to get some asparagus. I took this photo of the apple trees in blossom opposite in the farm shop

On Friday, Thomas tried asparagus for the first time and I made asparagus with poached eggs and butter for my lunch

Today, as it was sort of sunny, we have held our first BBQ of the year. We have had a fantastic afternoon



My Week That Was (W/E 20th April 2013)


On Sunday, we went shopping as I need some new glasses. Thomas did not want to miss out on the fun so tried on a pair too!

On Monday, Thomas and I went to lunch at The Custard Factory in Birmingham to meet with a fellow food blogger. To find out what we discussed, find the hashtag #futurefoodies on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Thomas came home from nursery looking like he had been swimming in a bowl of baked beans!!

On Wednesday, I took some star fairy cakes to my local NCT Annual Members Meeting. I was very delighted to discover that the branch have nominated me for a national NCT award for my volunteer work.

On Thursday, Thomas helped Daddy and Grandad fix his trike. We are waiting a replacement wheel but have managed to temporary fix our broken wheel so Thomas can still enjoy the sunshine on his trike.

On Friday, I was feeling brave so let Thomas eat his favourite pasta and bolognaise on his little table and chairs. He quite enjoyed it as you can tell from the pictures.


Today, we have enjoyed the sunshine and Thomas has been on a big boy scooter.



My Week That Was (W/E 13th April 2013)


On Sunday, we needed to get Thomas some new shoes so we went to Merry Hill. After getting the shoes, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Here is Thomas' post pizza face!

On Monday, we went to our baby signing group then came home and had a quiet afternoon. Thomas decided that plates were not for food but were face masks instead!

On Tuesday, I went for a walk outside my work testing equipment and saw these pinecones hanging in a tree.

On Wednesday, Thomas brought some sticking art back from nursery.

On Thursday, Thomas played with the new play tunnel I got him for a bargain £8 from Asda.

On Friday night, I went to see Meatloaf at the LG Arena at the NEC. It was fantastic. Such an amazing, emotional show.

Yesterday, we went to Brum Yum Yum, a new streetfood event that will be taking place in Kings Heath, Birmingham every month from now on. We ate the most gorgeous pizza while we were there.




My Week That Was (W/E 6th April 2013)


On Easter Sunday, we had both sets of parents round and I cooked slow roast shoulder of lamb for everyone

On Monday, we went to the charity duck race at Bewdley
On Tuesday, I made some cakes for Thomas to take nursery as they visited local older people this week with the cakes

On Wednesday, Stuart took a new tv to his parents but before he did, Thomas decided he wanted to be car boot inspector

On Thursday, Stuart and I went for a review lunch at Ithiaas Brasserie in Selfridges in the Bullring, Birmingham. This is the pudding Gulab Jamun, a doughnut type thing covered in syrup served with pistachio ice cream
On Friday, Thomas and I did some chalking after going to our local NCT coffee morning
Today, we went and had a beer in our local pub and enjoyed the sunshine









My Week That Was (W/E 30th March 2013)


On Sunday, we woke up to find my car was hidden in its own snow drift. We went outside briefly to play in the snow but spent most of the day inside.

On Monday, I made Thomas an Easter themed sensory box which he loves playing with.

On Tuesday, Thomas brought an Easter card home from nursery. It's his hand and feet to make the shape of a rabbit.

On Wednesday, I finished testing the Acer B1-A71 tablet for a review coming up shortly.
On Thursday, I spent most of the day doing housework but I did manage to squeeze in a quick coffee break and an egg and spoon!

On Friday, we went to a farm and Thomas saw a chick for the first time.

Yesterday, we went out on a trike ride and Thomas wore trainers for the first time.





My Week That Was (W/E 23rd March 2013)


On Sunday, it was Thomas' christening. Here he is, looking smart with daddy before we left for the church. We had a lovely day and we would like to thank all our family and friends for coming 🙂

On Monday, we were very tired/poorly after the christening but we managed to get out and go shopping with my dad. Here is Thomas having a ride with a new friend
On Tuesday, my cough and cold got worse so I had the day off work. Once Thomas came home from nursery we chilled out watching Curious George.
On Wednesday, I made some easy Easter nest cupcakes to take to Blue Door Bakery's Cake Club on Thursday
On Thursday, I went to stay and play at Thomas' nursery. They let me take a few photos. We had lots of fun!

On Friday, due to the weather and our ongoing illnesses and tiredness, we stayed in and made a start on our Easter card making

Today, we are even more snowed in than yesterday so we stayed in and had lots of play doh fun!