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Thomas’ First Week At Nursery

This week I have gone back to work part time and Thomas has started going to a local nursery three days a week. The first day was a bit traumatic but that was mostly for me! Because I work in Worcester, I have to get up at 6am, have a coffee and get ready then get Thomas up, give him some milk and be out the door to take him to nursery for 7.30am. I need to be at work for 8.30am. I did not get much sleep on Monday night as I worrying about getting up as I am so out of practice. I even set two alarms just in case.

We got to nursery for 7.40am and I dropped him off with his key carer and apart from a few tears he was fine. I just about managed to get back to the car before I burst into floods of tears. I got myself back together and drove to work. I was warmly welcomed back at work with a little get together with tea and lots of cake and biscuits which made me feel better. I lasted until after lunch before calling the nursery to see how Thomas was doing. I was pleased to find out that he had settled and was having fun but they were struggling to get him to sleep. I picked him up at 5.15pm and he was tired and looked pleased to see me. Thomas was smiling at all the staff though so he must have had a good time. Wednesday was pretty much the same but he struggled to get to sleep again. They even put him in a pushchair to see if that would work. Yesterday, Thomas was very happy when I picked him up and he waving to me and all the staff. He seems to be having a good time there but by 3pm, he becomes grumpy as he is not getting enough sleep.

Thomas is very inquisitive and does not want to miss anything. When they put them to sleep, the nursery put them all in travel cots in the same room which is not very dark and play lullabies in the background. When we are home, Thomas goes into his cot in a dark room, with his Winnie the Pooh light show and if it is night-time,  he sleeps in a baby sleeping bag. I have been trying to think of things I can tell the nursery to do to help him get some sleep and enjoy the afternoon more. I am thinking of sending one of his sleeping bags in and seeing how that goes. What do you think I should do? He has three hours sleep today already and I don’t really want to spend all of my day off in the house while he sleeps to catch up with what he has missed at nursery. I want us to be out having fun.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you



Weeks 36-38: The End is Near!

I cannot believe I am 38 weeks pregnant. It only seems like five minutes ago that I was announcing the news of my pregnancy to everyone.  The last couple of weeks have gone very fast. We had a maternity photoshoot with Jay Mountford and I cannot wait to see the results of the photoshoot. I have never had a photoshoot before. It was a bit strange but we had lots of fun. I will share some of the photos with you as soon as I can.

At 36 1/2 weeks, I had a scan and we discovered that my placenta had moved out of the way so we are go for a natural birth. At the scan, we found out that the baby’s estimated weight was 7 lbs 2 ounces which is higher than expected. Because of this, I had to have a gestational diabetes test. This turned out to be negative for diabetes which is good. My midwife thinks Bump had a growth spurt but that it has eased off now as there is no more room for it to grow.

I have still been going to Bumps & Babes and coffee mornings with my local NCT branch. I have volunteered to help them and I am now a publicity officer looking after their Facebook and Twitter activities. I look forward to helping more once the baby has arrived.

Over the weekend, I went into false labour. I had backache, period like pain and some contractions which started Friday afternoon and carried onto Saturday morning but then stopped. Stuart and I got excited and thought it was the real thing but it was not to be. My midwife thinks I will give birth in the next two weeks as the baby’s head is nearly fully engaged. I am hoping it will be sooner as I have been feeling really uncomfortable for the last few days. My midwife says this is a good sign and that I am mentally and physically prepared for the birth. I really cannot wait to meet the little one now! 🙂

Week 27: Being Ill in Pregnancy Sucks!

Week 27 and the start of the third trimester has not been very good for me. It started last Thursday night when I had a bad night’s sleep and woke up feeling rubbish the next day. I had no energy and just kept on coughing and spluttering all the time. I managed to get to work on Friday and put a brave face on it but I was not feeling good. I stayed in on Friday night and had an early night hoping to be better the next day.

On Saturday, I woke up and felt even worse than I had before. I tried to do a few of the jobs I had to do at home but in the end I went back on the sofa and rested. I was taking paracetamol but it was not doing a thing. It was then that I realised I had not felt the baby move very much since Wednesday night. I had been sick quite a bit and I was concerned that I was not getting enough of anything to the baby. I called our local hospital who have a maternity day assessment in a bit of a panic (translated to emotional crying pregnant lady who I do not think made a lot of sense) and was told to come straight in.

We arrived and the first thing they did was check the baby. I was not pregnant enough at the time to be attached to a foetal monitor ( you have to be 28 weeks – I am 28 weeks today)  so they had to find the heartbeat with a Doppler device. It took two or three attempts before they found the heartbeat but it was there and it was strong. Baby was fine. A massive weight was lifted of my mind. They checked me over and I was told that I probably had some sort of infection. The midwife’s called a doctor and we waited until one was available to come and see me.

After a little while, a doctor came over to see me and listened to my chest. She thought I had a chest infection and she prescribed some antibiotics to help clear it up. I was also advised to drink lots of water and rest. I spent the rest of the weekend doing this. I still felt awful on Sunday and ended up sleeping lots. I had a day off on Monday anyway so I used this as a duvet day and by Monday afternoon, the antibiotics had kicked in and I started feeling my normal self again. If this had happened and I was not pregnant, I would of just taken some Night Nurse and had a couple of early nights and felt much better. Paracetamol does not cure everything unfortunately.

I am hoping that this is my last illness of the pregnancy. I have 8 weeks left at work until maternity leave starts and I have lots of things to do before I hand over to my cover position. We also have some more sorting/decorating of the house to do before baby arrives so I hope the rest of the third trimester progresses smoothly and I can just get on with things at a slight slower pace than normal. *Fingers Crossed!!*

I hope everyone else who is pregnant at the moment is feeling good and not sick like I was. If you are ill, please say hello and even if you are not ill, please say hello anyway, I would love to meet you 🙂

Weeks 23-26: I’m feeling hot, hot, hot!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been really busy at work and we have started sorting out the house for the new arrival so I have not had much time for blogging. Whenever I have had a chance to put my feet up, I have used it as now my bump is getting bigger, I am finding it slightly harder and more uncomfortable to get around.

Over the last few weeks, I have generally been OK. People keep on telling me I am blooming but it does not always feel that way. One minor problem I have had is a water infection (sorry if TMI) which led to a few painful uncomfortable days but I am much better now. I would like to thank the wonderful @birthaffinity, @wholesomecook, @louisesims, @cafebebe for all their advice, help and support. You guys are great! 🙂

At the moment the heat is driving me bonkers. It is just simply too hot and humid. I cannot escape it anywhere. I am not usually one to complain about us actually having a British summer time, but I just simply feel like I am melting. I am enjoying pregnancy yoga and intend to keep that up for the rest of pregnancy and hopefully beyond too. I have brought a birthing ball and have found it works wonders for my back. I highly recommend them to any pregnant ladies out there.

Hope you have a lovely week. I will be back soon with another post 🙂

PS: I have done a review of the HotMilk Blaze Nursing bra. Please check it out here on Bras 4 Mum’s.

PPS: I have also done another diary entry for Bras 4 Mums too. You can find it here.

Week 17 and 18: Busy Bee!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Bump and I have been quite busy with work and stuff. I spent most of the last week feeling quite tired again so blogging was not high on my list of priorities unfortunately.Bump and I spent two days in Aylesbury because of work last week and the driving really made us tired. On Saturday, Bump and I went to the Midlands Food Bloggers Meet Up at 99 Station Street and Staffordshire Fine Foods. We had a lovely day, meeting fellow foodies and trying some fantastic Bump friendly food.

Photo by Owen Sims

This weekend is just as busy. Today Bump and I are going to the Prepped cookbook launch with Vanessa Kimbell, who I did some recipe testing for in Northampton. I will be wearing a fantastic dress from Lush Mummy.  Tomorrow, Bump and I am making lots of cakes for a charity fashion at a local school and over the weekend, Bump, Stuart and I are going to London for the weekend. I am sure we will have a fantastic time. Bump and I will be back next week with tales and pictures of our adventures.

Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

Week 16

This week, Bump and I had our second midwife’s appointment so with Stuart in tow, we left work early and went to see our lovely midwife Viv. I got all my blood and urine tests back and everything is normal. Woo Hoo! (I am never normal in anything usually so it was a nice surprise.) Stuart and I also got to hear Bump’s heartbeat which we were not expecting to hear. It was amazing! I nearly burst into tears of happiness but managed to hold it together.

While I was there, I found out about pregnancy yoga classes in my area and will be starting that in about a month or so. I have no more appointments now until I am in week 20, where I have another scan and am meeting the midwife again that week too.

In another news, the cookbook that I did some recipe testing for a while has been released today. It is called ‘Prepped’ and is by Vanessa Kimbell. Bump and I are going to the launch party for it in a couple of weeks time.  I have also had a chat with TJ from Bras 4 Mums and have learnt a great deal about boobs, bras and pregnancy in general. I will be writing my first guest post for her site over the weekend.

This weekend, I have got housework, a small amount of writing, seeing both my nan’s and cooking/filming a video for Sainsbury’s to do. After that, I intend to have a rest as going away with work for a couple of days next week.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend 🙂

PS: Bump and I are now sleeping much better. Thanks to everyone for the advice and support 🙂

PPS: If you would like to see what Bump and I are drinking a lot of at the moment, see my post here.

Week 15 Update

Hello everyone! How are you all this week? Bump and I are doing much better. We are sleeping more which is good, although we still haven’t found a comfortable position with my maternity pillow yet. I brought this one from Precious Bump so if anyone has any tips, into which position I would be most comfortable using it, they would be greatly received.

Last week, because I was so tired, I forgot to tell you that my Downs Syndrome results came back. Bump and I are at low risk which is excellent news.  On Friday, I went out and brought my first things for Bump. I went to the Disney Store and brought this baby gift set, with socks and My First Winnie The Pooh. The socks were featured in my first Silent Sunday post this week.

Things are really busy in general at the moment. Bump and I are off to London tomorrow to go to a work meeting and review a restaurant. Stuart, Bump and I are then going to 24 Carrots on Saturday, with Louise of Comida Y Vida, her baby Grace and husband Owen. Next week, I am going to start being a guest blogger for Bras 4 Mums too so its all go, go, go at the moment but we are enjoying it.

Hope you have a lovely few days. Bump and I will be back soon 🙂